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Naturally, I, as the owner of real estate, know a certain cost (with the exception of real estate received under the free privatization program) OnlineCasinoItaliani. But will I study the PRICES on the fact of real transactions? Or am I trying to see what VALUE the neighbors are putting into their property?

That is, when evaluating advertisements on portals by the comparative method, I will most likely get a picture not of the real PRICE of a future transaction, but of a certain value picture that private owners indicated in the advertisements of their objects.

Second example. If a government official takes the comparative method to estimate and calculate taxes, from what sources will he take information? Is it fair to charge taxes when calculating the price using the comparative method, if the analysis uses data not from real transactions, but from the value statements of owners in advertisements?

So where to get the price of transactions? Such data is given today by banks that know the prices of transactions for mortgaged apartments. Rosreestr can provide such data, but for some reason does not yet open this possibility for ordinary citizens.


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