learn to bonsai

classes offered: 

introductory: all classes include a tree and supplies and are 1-on-1; classes last about 1-1.5 hours and provide a comprehensive overview of the art and horticultural techniques to help you to grow well. activities vary throughout each season.

tier 1   $85      early pre-bonsai tree, pot, premium soil, and instruction

tier 2   $135    small pre-bonsai tree, pot, premium soil and instruction

tier 3   $175+  pre-bonsai, pot, premium soil and instruction (2hrs)

***if you are interested in learning about bonsai and how to grow and money is a limiting factor, please give us a call to discuss options***


wiring, styling advice, future tree development, advanced growing and ramification techniques. bring your own tree or pick one out from the nursery. materials not included. $50/hr 


detail wiring, tree redesign, show prep. 


$65/ea- minimum of 4 people, max 8; class comes with an early pre-bonsai tree, pot, soil, and instruction. activities vary throughout each season. please allow plenty of notice so that we can accommodate your group.

already have a tree and want to learn about it:

$20 consult. please call to set up a time