learn to bonsai

classes offered: 


introductory: all classes include a tree and supplies and are 1-on-1; classes last about 1-1.5 hours and provide a comprehensive overview of the art and horticultural techniques to help you to grow well. please call to schedule your class.

tier 1   $85- small pre-bonsai, pot, premium soil, and instruction

tier 2   $125- medium pre-bonsai, pot, premium soil and instruction

tier 3   $150 and up- large pre-bonsai, pot, premium soil and instruction


wiring, styling advice, future tree development, advanced growing and ramification techniques. bring your own tree or pick one out from the nursery. materials not included. price varies


detail wiring, show preparation, tree redesign. price varies


$65/ea- minimum of 4 people, max 8; class comes with a small pre-bonsai, pot, soil, and instruction. please allow plenty of notice so that we can accommodate your group.

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