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bonsai trees

  • potting/repotting

  • fertilizer/pesticide instruction

  • wiring

  • styling

  • general tree maintenance

  • pest and disease control

  • group classes

  • private work sessions 

  • short/long term boarding 

  • bonsai infirmary

  • evaluation and critique

  • consignment


big trees

  • horticultural consulting

  • arboricultural consulting

  • plant health care plans- insect/disease management and treatment

  • specialty pruning

  • soil remediation and development

  • run-off water management

  • soil and sustainability Evaluations

  • ​planning and consulting for tree planting

  • tree assessment/survey

  • tree maintenance- pruning for health and form

  • tree removal and pruning

  • pesticide and fertilizer applications

  • tree appraisals/insurance claims

  • tree protection zone establishment 

  • stump grinding and debris removal

​We grow plants of all shapes and sizes, and can help your plants grow their best. Give us a call with your next project to see how we can help get you growing

speaking engagements

We would love to come and speak to or host groups that want to learn about trees. Plant societies, HOA Boards, and groups of friends will enjoy topics including: Trees: How to Grow; Bugs & Fungus: What to Know; Soil: It All Starts Here, and many other relevant topics relating to horticulture and the arts of growing plants!

Send us a message to set up an appointment and trees will love you for it!

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